Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Making the dismal science of economics accessible  has long been the goal of educators. From Bastiat's tale of the broken window, Leonard E. Read's, I Pencil, to  the Friedman's Free to Choose, which had no small part in the Reagan Revolution. Introducing people to the economic way of thinking is difficult, yet rewarding. Hunter Lewis' new effort is titled Free Prices Now!

The title is a play on words, as many would consider free the absence of price. What the author means by free prices is a price that is unencumbered, unregulated, and unrestrained. A free price is a free market price.

The difficulty for the writer is to unveil the common myths and fallacies regarding common misconceptions about the economic world around them, while not boring them with too much academic rigor. 

Unknown to the author is the level of understanding the reader possesses in the beginning, so they must bring them along quickly so as not to boar the more astute.


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