Friday, August 17, 2012

Right to Own Guns and Gold - Ron Paul

Spooner had an interesting explanation about why the Founding Fathers included the Second Amendment in the Constitution. He never once considered that the authors of the Constitution meant that only the militia were allowed to possess weapons, as today’s liberals argue. He even considered it foolish to claim private gun ownership was for the purpose of defending one’s life and property from robbers and murderers. “That” he states, “is so obvious one need not state it.” According to Spooner, the real reason for individual gun ownership was for the purpose of protecting against the evil use of government power-as the revolutionaries experienced at the hands of King George 111. In other words, when all else fails, the gun owned by the individual is to be used to protect against tyranny of the state-something obviously denied the citizens of an oppressive state such as Poland or the Soviet Union.
Even though political conditions have deteriorated throughout the twentieth century, American citizens still retain rights superior to most nations of the world. With concerted political action and an awakened citizenry we still have the vehicle to change conditions-something that may not be available to us for an indefinite period of time.
As long as the individual retains the right to own guns and gold, we should assume that working through the political process is worthwhile. The confiscation of gold and guns in the United States would ignite an explosion of physical resistance which would permanently change the character of the United States.
It will come to this if the majority of our leaders do not soon redefine individual rights, restore a free-market economy, and force our government to live within its means.
Without this new direction, the growing economic and political crisis will worsen and can only be temporarily held together by further expanding the role of government at the expense of liberty.

If we do not have a consensus of what “rights” are, there is little chance our free society will survive.

Government snooping, blood testing, lie-detection tests, restraints on financial freedom, stronger IRS regulations, national I.D. cards, and restrictions on travel will all be used to prop up the tottering state if necessary.
A lot is at stake, and we cannot erroneously assume America will survive, regardless of what we as a people do. What we do will make a difference. And if we do not have a consensus of what “rights” are, there is little chance our free society will survive.

Freedom Under Siege

Freedom Under Siege

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