Monday, January 30, 2012

Milton Friedman on Libertarianism

Milton Friedman on Libertarianism

What are the elements of the libertarian movement and how does one of its most illustrious proponents, Milton Friedman, apply its tenets to issues facing the United States today? Milton Friedman, recipient of the 1976 Nobel Memorial Prize for economic science, was a senior research fellow at the Hoover Institution from 1977 to 2006, discusses, on February 10, 1999, how he balances the libertarians' desire for a small, less intrusive government with environmental, public safety, food and drug administration, and other issues.

To go to segments within a video, click the links below:
  • start video from beginning What is a libertarian? Milton Friedman responds in this Uncommon Knowledgeclassic.
  • start segment 2 at 5:36 What produced the dark and dirty London of Charles Dickens? Was it laissez-faire economics like some argue? Milton Friedman sheds light on the issue.
  • start segment 3 at 12:22 Are regulators like the FDA necessary to safeguard consumers? Milton Friedman says no.
  • start segment 4 at 16:05 Should the government mandate that nutritional labels be placed on food packaging? No, argues Milton Friedman.
  • start segment 5 at 20:35 Of 14 cabinet departments, Milton Friedman says he would only keep a handful.

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